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Geriatric Care Manager

      Heidi believes that it is not just what we do for our clients, but what they do for us that make geriatric care management such a rewarding profession. One special 94-year old client with a fractured hip seemed determined to lighten everyone else’s load. Her face lit up every time Heidi walked into the room and her gracious ways brought smiles to everyone’s face. It is that interaction with people that makes Heidi enjoy her work. "Heidi has never been one who could sit at a desk for long and has always loved helping people," notes Joanna Davis, Execute Director. "When clients hire us, they hire credentialed, experienced Geriatric Care Managers who act as educated surrogate family members, and to some of our clients we are also their guardian angels," adds Heidi.

      After graduating from USF, Heidi worked closely with an attorney specializing in the field of elder law. She introduced the concept of geriatric care management to the practice but her desires to work more closely with older clients led her to her current role as a Certified Care Manager at Chart Your Own Course, Ltd. Co. She is a great sleuth and loves solving puzzles. She is tenacious and skilled at researching a client’s past in order to locate vital documents and reconstruct facts that are sometimes essential in guaranteeing that a client receives appropriate benefits and support.

      Heidi’s professional credentials include:

  • Bachelor Degree in Social Work (BSW) from the University of South Florida in Tampa
  • Certified Care Manager (CMC) since 2007
  • Member of the Community Resource Council of Hernando County
  • Member of NAPGCM, the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers
  • Member of Florida Geriatric Care Managers Association (FGCMA)

      Though there are many factors that make Heidi enjoy her work, the fact that comes to mind first is the pervasive atmosphere of teamwork. The team meets weekly to discuss the status of each client. “We are not physicians,” she recognizes, “but when we get together, we share our elder care knowledge and the client benefits from our combined years of geriatric and other health care experience. We are not here to build our egos. We are here with one big goal--to give our clients the best life possible!”

      Heidi’s family includes her husband Doug, their two children Aurora and Dallis, two cats named Princess Mia and Isabella, and 2 hermit crabs that warm the night with the soft “tinking” of their shells as they roam their cage. The family is a busy one, with a growing teenage son involved with sports and planning for a creative college future and a younger daughter who has been dancing for several years. Both her family and work activities give Heidi a well-balanced life. Heidi is a parent coordinator of Chapter 13 for LPA, Little People of America, a nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families; and President of W.E.S.T., Women Eagerly Serving Together, a woman’s fellowship group at her church for over 16 years.

      Email Heidi Elpers at heidi@resource4seniors.com or call her at 727.842.3344.

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