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Is Care Resources right for me?

Answer these questions in regards to your aging relative

Yes No
Are family members out of town or unavailable to help?
Do they seem confused, overwhelmed or anxious?
Is the cleanliness or maintenance of their home a concern?
Do they not recognize family members or family faces?
Is their driving a safety concern?
Is it difficult for them to shop for themselves?
Do they forget to take their medications?
Do they need help understanding and following doctor's orders?
Are you concerned about them falling or for their safety?
Are their bills being paid on a timely basis?
Are they not eating regularly or nutritiously?
Do they seem lonely or no longer socialize with their friends?
Are they becoming more mentally or physically frail?
Do they need help with legal, financial and/or medical specialists?
Do they need alternative or long-term care placement?
Do you wish that someone could check on them regularly and give you peace of mind about their well being?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may need Care Resources call us at 1-888-429-9111.

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