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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A Professional who specializes in assisting older persons, their families and their service providers in meeting an older person's short and long term care needs

GCMs have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree or substantial equivalent training in gerontology, social work, nursing, counseling or human services equivalent

Experienced in family work, client advocacy and long-term care

Knowledgeable about the costs, quality and availability of services in the community

Provide consumer education and advocacy

Utilizing a geriatric care manager results in cost-control. GCMs strive to reduce inappropriate institutional care and overuse of services.

Care Resource's geriatric care managers match the service to the client's needs and help contain costs. Fees are billed privately on a fee-for-service basis. Currently, care management services are not reimbursed by Medicare or Medicaid. While most health insurance policies do not cover fees, some services may be able to be billed to the insurance provider, depending upon the background of the individual case.

Care Resource's geriatric care managers can outline the general cost of services and provide information about the most advantageous way to obtain cost effective services for the elderly client.


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