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What people say about us:

"Heidi, You were so good for my Mom, we are so lucky to have found you. Thank you."   Karen D.

"Heidi, I am very appreciative of your assistance and I know my sister and I will need you in the future. You couldn't have been more patient and professional! Knowing that I have made contact with someone I can trust reassures me" Karen D.

"Mary Womble is amazing in her kind, caring relationship with my relative. I appreciate being able to completely trust that she always has my relative's best interest as her goal. She has faced challenges well and keeps in close communication with me" P. Soden

"Heidi is a wonderful resource for my elderly father. She is respectful of his wishes yet helps him to make sound decisions by gently offering options and guidance. His companion aid Barbara, is supportive and friendly. My father truly enjoys her companionship. She is thoughtful and caring. Thank You All!!" E. Penk

"Diane has been a wonderful help and is so pleasant, as well as an excellent helper. She knows her stuff and is very efficient."   L. Boreiko

"Heidi is quite professional and very good at coordinating care among all Howard’s providers (no small feat). She is also good with updates after Doctor visits."   JoAnn Brooks

"Barbara is excellent!"   Diana Magos

"Thank you for all of your assistance and care for my mom along with the many updates and medication concerns. I was immeasurably pleased with the services, philosophy, and outcome of your geriatric care for my mom. My only regret is not starting the care sooner! This is a wonderful organization and very much needed when families often are not able to live near one another. My situation was complicated by distance, being an only child, and a fiercely independent mother. My mom was initially resistant to any assistance, but she quickly was enjoying your visits and looking forward to each one. You indeed have a genuine spirit of care and concern.
Thank you again....it has been a joy to work with you."   Sue Hollandsworth

"Kelli Edwards is impressive"   Edward Robbins

"Each Homemaker Companion brought her own value to Mom's daily living. Her life has been enriched by the care your agency gave her. A her children our lives were enriched as well, in that we were able to enjoy and care for our mother but not have to tend to her daily needs, as your Homemaker Companions gave us peace of mind." Greta Williams

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Heidi for more than two years and have seen the compassion, care and love she has given my parents. I could write a long letter and give you examples, but I am a simple person. Values are more important to me.  These were her values when caring for Roger and Jeri Anderson"
1)  Laugh with them during the good times - embrace them during times of "fears and tears"
2)  My concern, issue, problem or need are her concern, issue, problem or need
3)  Good or bad - the truth is always the truth
4)  Address any need, any time at any place - be an advocate for Roger and Jeri 
Daryl Anderson

"Mary is a wonderful person, very personable, a friend to depend on, and a shoulder to cry on. It is great to be treated as a person, not just a patient or client. An angel sent to help guide me in the right direction when I didn't know where to go, and needed help getting back on track with medical care and relocation services."   Leora  Delano

"Kelli, I want to thank you SO much for the note you wrote from Mother. You can't imagine how much that means to me, and that you take the time to help her read my notes and what I send. You are just such a blessing in my life - and Mother's!"   Jane

"I'm so glad I made the decision to come aboard for your Services. I know I need them. I was very impressed with Karla and Kelli. They took their time and I feel I made the right choice. Thank you for your care and concern! I was very pleased to meet you."   Eleanor Pappky


"Kelli & Judy; When I got out of the hospital I was not able to be at home alone, I needed care. My daughter heard of Care Resources and hired them to care for me, first at home then in rehab and now in a ALF. I get good care from you and would recommend you to anyone"  Lottie J.

"Kelli, I can't tell you how much it meant to me to receive the card and photos from Mother yesterday!  Wow, it was just an amazing feeling to open that. You are truly one in a million, and I appreciate it so much.  We are, (and Mother is) blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you for all you do!"   Jane

"Heidi Elpers was our Geriatric Care Manager. She is an angel sent from above! She coordinated and personally oversaw all their medical appointments in every aspect of their care. It was a huge relief to the family as well as myself to have her as a liaison between the doctors and the family to really keep us all informed as to both of their health conditions. She took care of everything they needed regarding scheduling and executing all doctor’s appointments, providing transportation and relaying all appointment updates to myself and the family! She had her own special relationship with Mike and Lucy and they loved her like a granddaughter! We could not have survived the past 8 months without Heidi and her team! Absolutely amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone and I have no doubt that I will utilize their services in the future!
We had four different caregivers that handled the shifts to cover 12 hours of care for each day. From the very beginning and with each and every caregiver, it was obvious that these were people who had a very special calling in life. They not only took care of housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation but the emotional and loving support that Mike and Lucy received could not be described by simple words in this email. They each formed a special bond with both of them and had a warm and loving relationship that was unlike anything I had ever witnessed.  Mike and Lucy who had been so independent for many years now had to rely on the care of others. This was a very difficult thing to accept but the ladies made the transition seamless and we felt like they were just part of the family. It is not easy inviting “strangers” into your home and perform tasks that you have been doing on your own for so many years. Mike and Lucy felt completely at ease, trusted them completely and were so very grateful to all four of our special ladies for the wonderful care they received."  Sheila Bewley

"Heidi, The last few years have been difficult watching over Les & Peg from afar. But what a difference it has made having you and your wonderful companions nearby! Truly you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Peg was so happy having the close loving attention that her family was unable to give, and we all had the peace of mind knowing that someone from the outside was there to watch over her and make sure she got the care she needed.
Thank you so much for all that you and your team have done over the years, especially after Peg was left alone. You have a wonderful organization, and you have chosen and trained your employees to be the best they can be. Yes, you really made a difference in the quality of Les and Peg's lives. Thank you for everything."   Carol Poggi

"I want to personally thank you for your outstanding work and compassionate professional care management services. I will highly recommend you and your company to anyone who asks. Thank you Kelli, for helping our family when we needed it most. You are one of the faces that gives health care a good name!" Staci

"Don't change! Kelli & Judy = Awesome!"

"We are very satisfied and pleased with the service we receive from the Caregivers. They are so loving, caring and eager to help with our needs. We want to make clear that we love Heidi, without her constant and consistent involvement we would be nowhere! She is truly an angel and we could not be happier with all the service, love and care we receive." Shala

"I'm a Trust Officer that administers a trust for one of your clients. Your services better than meet both the clients needs and is a more efficient method of delivering services than if I handled them myself."

"Kelli, I too would like to take a moment to thank you for your support and involvement with my mother. Your professionalism and insight into how this is supposed to work were very helpful to me. Thank you" Chris Newport

"Mary Womble. She always goes above and beyond what is required and cares for my in-laws as if she was a member of the family."  Alice Krumenaker

"Kelli is both caring and informative. I feel my dad has always been in good hands."  Susan Fratanduono.

"Heidi has been outstanding in her care and concern for our parents, very kind and considerate, thorough with the details, very responsive to requests."  Arlene Ison

"Each Team Member went above and beyond with their care and support to the family."  Linda Henry

"Kelli Edwards. She is the utmost professional and is so caring and has been like an angel for our family.  I don't know what I would do without her."  Kathy Gortner

"Debbie Girouard.  Very punctual, thorough, excellent service.  A big help in all aspect of her service.  Great personality."  Judy Stenta

"Tony is doing an excellent job!" Thomas Walstad

"Mary has been a real asset to my mom and our family.  My mom really likes her.  My sister and I really appreciate her service.  Thank you." G. T. Eliades

"Mary, I beleive that you are a great asset to your employer and Mrs. "M" is so fortunate to have your assistance. You always keep the trust informed, and that is a tremendous assistance when we are so far away."
"The most impressive thing about you, Heidi and your company is that you are so very diligent in looking out for the best interest of your clients."  Jean C. Mathis, Vice President.

"My firm has had the opportunity of working together with Kelli Edwards on numerous occasions.  We have found Ms. Edwards to be extremely professional, reliable, informative, detailed and very organized.   Ms. Edwards displays a great deal of concern and patience for the individuals she has under her care.  She is always prompt in getting information to our organization when requested.  We find Ms. Edwards a pleasure to speak with and would recommend her for any of our clients who are in need of obtaining a care manager."  Wollinka & Wollinka Attorneys-at-Law

It was Kelli Edwards work with Dunedin, Florida Committee on Aging that earned her this letter from Dave Eggers, Mayor of Dunedin:

"I just wanted to thank you Kelli for your leadership these past years. You have had a gentleness, focus and determination about all you have done for the Committee and our City. I don't know too many people who could have followed Dr. Hale and been as successful of a leader and doer as you have been. You listened to his "teachings" and yet forged your own way for the committee and I am so thankful for all that you and the committee have done over the years for Dunedin."

Roxie Smith, a former member of the Committee on Aging says:

I certainly echo Dave's sentiments and want to personally thank you for the many years you've given to the Committee. You have led the committee through many changes and major growth and have made us all proud. It was always a privilege working with you. I wish you continued success in whatever new role you undertake. Thank you sincerely,

Another board member of the Committee on Aging, Carmen Wilson, says this about Kelli:

I've been involved with DCOA since 09/2007 and I just assumed that you had been President forever. You ran the meetings so well and orderly. You certainly weathered the challenges.

THANK TOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for being a GREAT President! 

"I wanted to write a very belated but very heartfelt thank you to the staff at Care Resources for the services provided to me and my mother. Thank you to Judy and to all the home companions who helped my mother on a daily basis. You had a tough job at times, I know because my mom valued her independence and could be feisty! And there aren't enough word to thank Kelli Edwards, without whom I could not have handled the last 7 months of moms life. I knew everyday that my mom was in great hands and that her needs were more than met. Bless you all and thank you again for all that you did. I will recommend your services every opportunity I get." Most Sincerely, Patty Ambler



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