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The following article was recently published in her Community Association publication to help readers decide symptoms they encounter are cold or flu like based on information provided by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Please take a moment and enjoy the article:

Is it a Flu or a Cold?

Is it a flu or a cold…that is the concern?  That is the question many ask when we do not feel good and when we encounter others with various respiratory and related symptom.  While good hand washing is critically important, some organisms are air borne (frequently sneeze driven) thus hand washing may not be enough.  To help you better collect your symptoms when evaluating how you feel and or when speaking with your health care provider please consider the following information available by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) & the Florida Department of Health (DOH):

What do I have? Consider the Following Symptom Check

Symptom  Common Cold   Seasonal & H1N1 Influenza
Onset  3-4 days  3-6 Hours, usually hits hard
Fever  If at all, mild  100 degrees or, 3-4 days
Headache  Occasional  Common
Stuffy Nose  Common  Not common but may
Sneezing  Usual  Not common but may
Cough  Hacking, productive  Dry, non-productive
Chills  Uncommon  Common, expect
Fatigue  Mild  Moderate to severe
Body Aches  Slight  Usual, often severe
N-V-D  Uncommon  More common with H1N1

So you can see there is a lot for us to consider.  Have you made your own individual plan or do you need some help?  As we work through the summer and enter the height of hurricane season, we need to remember an all hazards approach to preparation is key!   For more information you may want to speak to your Medical Provider, contact your local Department of Health, Review information on public websites that you evaluate safe and reliable.  

Re-printed from: The Scoop, Crystal Beach newsletter published on August 1st

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