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How an Unusual Connection “SAVED” our New Clients Life!!

By Kelli Edwards, Owner and Executive Director of Care Resources

Several months ago, I received a call from the other side of the country from a worried family member, (let’s call her Sue). She had not heard from her brother in six weeks and prior to that they talked several times a week. Her brother (let’s call him Bob) lived with their father until his passing earlier this year. When dad was in the hospital, Sue asked the case manager for help finding someone who could help them look after Bob when they returned home. Bob is a great guy but has had issues with living independently because of Manic Depression. They feared he would not do well living alone. The case manager gave her a list of LCSW’s (Licensed Clinical Social Workers) in the area. (These folks work in the field of counseling, in private offices). Sue looked up the LCSW’s on-line and chose the one nearest to her brother. As it turned out the woman, she called was a client of mine!! She promptly told Sue what she needed was a Care Manager ( and gave her my name and information!! Thank goodness, this led us to go to Bob’s home to do an assessment. (Sue hired us as his Durable Power of Attorney). When I pulled up to Bob’s home the grass had grown to just below waist high. It looked oddly out of place in his well- manicured neighborhood. Thankfully Bob came to the door when I rang the bell. Bob was out of his medication, not eating and barely spoke in a whisper. His clothes were soiled from months of wear, his hair past his shoulders, beard to his chest. I would share a picture with you, but I think it is too graphic and tragic looking. I would show you how wonderful he looks today but can’t because of confidentiality! Bob was alert and oriented and allowed me to call 911. I make note of this because he was refusing at first and the paramedics were going to honor his wish not to go anywhere. He spent the next week in the hospital and then transferred to an assisted living facility. We coordinated the move after getting him all cleaned up in the hospital and still see him to this day to coordinate his medical care. Bob has gone from 89 pounds to 140 pounds in 3 months. He is enthused about his new home and is getting back to living life. The Care Resources care manager arranges and attends his primary and psychiatric doctor appointments and is a huge source of comfort for him and his sister.

Please share the knowledge of how a Care Manager can help!!!

Without that far-fetched connection, Bob may have never found the kind of help he did with Care Resources. This is one of the many rewarding client stories we have had.

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