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Make us a Piece of your Interdisciplinary Team Puzzle

Care Resources LLC is a professional Aging Life Care company which offers a variety of services to elder or special need adults and their support systems.

Maintaining quality of life for an older relative can be a difficult prospect, given the challenges of time, distance, and schedules.

We provide professional guidance, support, education, and services to elders, the chronically ill and their families. Our staff can provide one-on-one assistance and direction for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

We recognize that each set of needs is unique and we strive to bring a personalized touch to every aspect of our service.

Care Resources Aging Life Care Managers deliver needed support, knowing that you have made tailored decisions in helping to navigate whatever the situation at hand may be. Families, Attorneys, Physicians, Neighbors, Financial Planners, and peers in the healthcare field rely on Care Resources to provide a trusted link to the people we serve. 

Call Care Resources LLC at 727-842-3344 to schedule an appointment now!

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